Hello, wrap artists of the world

This is the beginning. I plan to show you my new wraps. And we will all get to read your comments.


This Coconut Foam Wrap, from last year, demonstrates the wrap artist’s joy in pulling odd materials together to make a sculpturally stimulating wrap. I love this wrap for its strangeness and its novel feel.

The gift is sitting inside the half coconut. The round, fuzzy coconut then sits on a piece of blue packing foam. The foam has a texture, too, but it contrasts sharply with the organic, fuzzy surface of the half coconut.

This wrap then adds the conventional wrapping material of ribbons. The white ribbon strains to hold the frivolous coconut in place. The red ribbon wanders on its own spiral, entangling the blue foam and the white ribbon.

I labeled the wrap using two pieces of scrap paper. One is dull red with complex texture. The other is shiny red foil. They slip into wrap right at the point of tension where the white ribbon presses down on the coconut.