Elegant Band Wrap on a Beefy Box

Many of my band wraps have been composed loosely, with an emphasis on layered diagonals. I wanted to try out a more strict composition, relying on the traditional 90-degree composition of ribbon wrapping.

I chose to do this on a very well-made dark blue box from a notable fashion company. Because the box was made of thick cardboard, I saw the opportunity to apply my bands only on the lid, allowing the collage to stay intact even as the recipient opened the box.

I made a variety of bands by cutting up magazines into strips and folding their edges. I applied only three, choosing them for their chiaroscuro qualities. After I had glued on the three bands, I realized I should have applied a horizontal band, in the style of ribbon wrapping. I slipped gold ribbon under the three bands and glue it in place. I placed the gift in the box after wrapping.