Aspen Cork Wassail Wrap

We are about to head up into the mountains for a family get-together, and so a little more wrapping was in order. The wassail’s bottle suggested tube wraps.

I took two pieces of fine corrugated cardboard packing material and joined them into one. That completely covered a bottle of fancy beer. I made a bottom for this improvised tube and hot-glued it in place.

I then discovered that a plug of aspen log lying on my floor just happened to fit in the tube. I made some little stop-guides out of carboard and glued them just inside the top of the tube. The aspen “cork” then fit perfectly and did not slide down in and hide its beautiful sides.

I glued some foil paper on top and also glued on a red snow-flake that I had salvaged from a holiday invitation. Next I added the purple ribbon, since the cardboard and the aspen were so closely related in color, if not in texture. The extra ribbon under the round white label completed the wrap.

In went the bottle. I lightly glued the cork in place.