New Bow

I had no vision for this wrap. It was completely improvised. I started with a mylar sheet that made tiny square spectral-highlights. Then I examined a small rectangle of red and gold foil paper. It had acquired a curl while on the roll. It occurred to me that a small cylinder of this material could become a form of bow, since many bows rely on curves and curls, in contrast to the boxy rectangles they often adorn. I glued the red-gold foil into a stable cylinder. I decided to beef it up with some thick white paper. I made this second tube of paper and placed it inside the foil-paper to test it out. I liked it, including the extra white extending beyond the foil, so I did not trim off the excess. Next, I thought I would focus on the empty space of the new bow’s cylinder. I looked for sticks and dowels that might float along the central axis of the cylinder. I found these knitting needles, retrieved many years ago from the alley. I took a bit of white packing foam and pierced with the needles, placing them at a minor angle of variation, so that the dark green heads were further apart than the pointed ends of the needles. There I had decided I would attach the circular mini-poinsettia, thus locating the “knot” of this new bow way off-center, with only empty space below it. Nearing completion of the wrap I realized that the bow would benefit from being the culmination of an encircling ribbon, a traditional wrap form. I had no more of the red-gold foil tissue. I did have some white tissue with red floral foil. I cut bands, folded their edges to achieve a bit of puff, and attached the two of them perpendicular to the new bow. I made a trip-fold label and glued it to one of of the wrap.